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Message from the CEO

Amna Al Saadi, an ambitious Emirati woman who loves challenges and experiences and through which she developed her skills. Amna completed her Bachelors of Science in Multimedia Design at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi in 2015. Amna Al Saadi has a keen interest in social media application, website development. Beside the digital skills, Amna loves art, photography, reading, music, and sport.

Amna Al Saadi started working on Homepage, the best delivery services in UAE in 2021, after successfully running one of the home projects for more than 3 years. The start was excellent and the coordination was smooth with the delivery companies. However, she decided to start this field to help those who have talent and businesses, who want to share them with others and through Homepage we will be able to connect homes with each other.

In the past, life used to bring friends and neighbors closer, and it was easy to communicate and transfer things, but nowadays, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic, communication with homes has become a difficult matter, so we went through an idea of launching an application to connect people, communities, and nations to each other.

The vision of Homepage is to connect homes together and to connect minds, talents, creativity and people into one place. We seek to facilitate the connection of people. For example, what you need is available in the next home. Through the application, you can get what you want sooner than you expected.

According to Amna, “Every one of us have things that we may not need. The idea that you can offer your products or even services with ease is something that will make it easy for all of us in getting what we want. You may be a fan of reading books and your office contains a large collection of books that you are done with but can benefit other people. We help you review your products and deliver them on time. The same applies to clothes or your favorite hobbies such as painting and cooking. Through Homepage, we try to connect you and share your items with everyone with zero cost and keep the delivery on us.”

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