How Can I Expand My Business Through Homepage In 10 Minute?

How Can I Expand My Business Through Homepage In 10 Minute?

How Can I Expand My Business Through Homepage In 10 Minute?

Figure 1: Homepage as a Game Changer for Businesses.

Homepage is an application allowing thousands of businesses and consumers to have an amazing experience with a diverse array of products and services. This application has the tendency to become one stop solution for all your worries and dilemmas. Moreover, it is considered to be the best beck for new businesses rifling for best online platform to start their business on. More importantly, you don’t need to pay some registration fee to get yourself registered on this platform. All new businesses have great opportunity to acquire their virtual store where they can easily place their products, jot their product details and descriptions, connect with their customers, comprehend their demands, follow the required trends and hoist up their business to mountains of success.

HomePage App

Figure 2A: Great opportunities for Businesses to enter virtual world through Homepage.

In this technical world, mobile and virtual market is flourishing within blink of an eye. It is prevailing and expanding its pace day by day. Keeping in view this tangent, it’s intrinsic for us to keep up with the ever-evolving new world. To assist you with this idea, Homepage is providing its worthy services to businesses and striving its level best to make your business number 1 in its prevalence and advancement.

Homepage application is harboring businesses as well as customers in a very efficient way by making things way too convenient for both sides.


Manifold Perks of Homepage for Businesses.


1. Act as a Booster for Customers’ Trust and Loyalty.

Push notification is the feature allowing the business to coordinate and keep in touch with all the clients. Through this new feature, businesses can easily inform clients and customers regarding special sales and discounts .This will boost the customers’ trust and connection which will, consequently, result in more orders and improvisations from the side of clients’ .In this way, a tremendous expansion of businesses can be guaranteed.

2. Convenience and Swiftness of Homepage.


HomePage App

It is more convenient in operation as compared to any other virtual application .Businesses can set up their virtual stores with in less than 10 minutes in entirety. Customers can stay in real-time coordination with the specified vendors providing services in their areas at doors. Moreover, customers can be informed about any alteration in delivery scheme which is a great advantage for customers to stay up with their expectations.


3. Live Trends and Live Order Tracking.

More than any other advantage, Homepage has popped up with such an efficient strategy of live trends. Businesses can stay informed of certain products and services being hyped up .In this way, they can revise their business and product plans and improvise them according to bandwagons, trends and demands.

In addition to all the above mentioned privileges, businesses can easily provide their customers with live tracking of their products and services which will build huge reliance of customers on particular business.


4. Ever- Evolving Nature.

No matter, how many times you have already gone through this specified app and navigate through it. Every time you zone into this app, you configure and explore new features and scripts which is a great perk to keep up with ever-evolving world. In order to stay informed and evolved, you must give this app a try for development of your business.


Expansion of Businesses through Homepage in 10 Minutes.

Expansion of Businesses through Homepage in 10 Minutes.

Here is no doubt that every business, whether new in its root or old in its prevalence, always yearn to get a huge amount of fame and vogue. They wish to move from one store to two and then making certain branches of their businesses in different cities. But doing it is way to tedious because it requires a hefty amount of time for this type of expansion based on disparate cities. But homepage has eradicated this time constraint as well.

It is a huge serendipity for old as well as new businesses to expand their aura and decorum with in just a small amount of time. You can invest just a small fraction of time and can specify your virtual store on homepage without any efforts or huge amount of time.

Following is a step by step guide to making Vendor account on Homepage application and all the details have also been exhibited down below.


Step by step guide to making Vendor account on Homepage.


Catch up with our step by step guide to register as a vendor or business in homepage application. You can register as a customer as well as a vendor and can shift between both the modes by the help of just a small click. But here we are addressing registration as a vendor.

Step 1: Download Application of Homepage.

Download Application of Homepage.


The very first thing you need to get done with is downloading application of homepage. You can download this application on any technical gadget. It can be any type of phone as well as laptop or any desktop.

The very first glimpse that you would get of this application after downloading it is depicted little above. Now, let’s move toward next stile.


Step 2: Get Yourself Acquainted with this App.

After downloading this app and getting yourself acquainted with its first look. Now get yourself through short and brief introduction that would be harbored to you in form of Infographics and captions. One of these types of Infographics is exhibited above. In this picture, the type of services and convenience is being discussed that would be provided to customers.

Step 3: Share your Location.

Get Yourself Acquainted with this App.

The very next step is to share your location .It is considered to be the most intrinsic step to become vendor. Because all the work of vendors is based on their location. On the basis of your location, surrounding customers would be getting business services and products .So, don’t forget to share your location in the first place.

After adding location, you need to add your proper address. While adding address, you have to be very careful .Because if you add a wrong address; you would have to bear a lot or make yourself get through this process once again.

Following are address details you need to add in this regard.

Get Yourself Acquainted with HomePage

Step 4: Rifle through App.

Rifle through App

After adding location and address, now the app would start to open up properly in front of you. Rifle through certain decks that are popping up in front of you. As portrayed above, there would be one section of home, next would be of art and then books and so on. These are all the categories of things that are available on this app.

Step 5: Create your Account.

Create your Account.

Now is the most apt time for you to start your registration .In this regard, you need to, first of all, add your full name. After this, you are in a need of adding your appropriate email address. The email address has to be valid and in use. Then you are required to add your phone number that is under operation .Last step to it is clicking on a registration button.

Step 6: Switch to Business App.

Switch to Business App.

This app basically comes in two forms to facilitate businesses as well as customers. So you need to select one app version which can work best for you. When registering as a business, you need switch to a business app .Only then, you would be able to set up your virtual store.

There are some more steps to follow when registering as a business which is mentioned down below.

Step 7: Add Business and Contact Details.

Add Business and Contact Details.

It is a very decisive point for your business existence .You need to add all the correct and clear details of your business .First of all, add your business name and business name has to be relatable to your product and service .This will allow your customers to connect with your business with vividness and great clarity.

After this step, select the right category of your business which is most relevant to your business .Here you get the option of selecting 3 categories .If you come across three categories pertaining to your business then select all the three categories to optimize your business pace.

Following is an example of adding of three categories that were relevant in nature for one business idea..

Add Business and Contact Details 2

After this step, add clear contact details as well. Add your permanent address as well as your correct contact number here.

Step 8: Add Bank Details.

Add Bank Details

After adding business and contact details, it is the time for you to add bank details .Add IBAN number of your specified bank and then add your bank name. After this step, add a detailed bank address. This address has to be of one specified bank branch.

Step 9: Specify Terms and Conditions for Business.

It is the right point for you to set out certain terms and conditions of your business .Specify your working hours as well as set out limitations of your business. Specify whether you deliver urgently or not, whether there is a return of product possible or not, whether cancellation is possible or not .Also add warranty specifications if you have any. 

Step 10: Have a Glance at your Dashboard.

Have a Glance at your Dashboard.

As depicted above, your whole dashboard would be in your front .Here you can have a look at your monthly income and your total earning .In this way, your whole income would be tracked and you can easily keep an account of it.

After fulfilling all the above mentioned steps, now you are registered on this app as a vendor and not a consumer .If you want to get yourself in a consumer mode then you can easily navigate between both the modes with a help of one single click.

Following is the screen that would take you between both the modes.

Have a Glance at your Dashboard 2

This whole process would take less than 10 minutes but these 10 minutes would allow you to connect with thousands of customers online within seconds. This app would help you cover the distance of a year in months and of months in days which would work great for your expansion. In this way, huge success can be attained within such a shorter span of time.


Closing Words.

No business can ever be found which wants to have a slow and steady race. Every business want to connect and serve as much customers as possible .So, this app is available for you to make your business dreams and plans fulfill with great creativity .You can be informed of certain trends as well as you can evolve your business as according to requirement as well as trends of this world.

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